Born in ¨Provence, Lisa L begins her musical carreer at the age of six. It is in the sun drenched south of France, that she studies different disciplines in the music academy, her two instruments : the cello and the voice.

At the age of eighteen, personal events force her to give up the path she had chosen, and she must put an end to her teenage years dedicated to orchestras, tours... Difficult choice, at the age of eighteen, everything seems definite !

After earning college degree in law, she leads in Paris a carreer as a lawyer. But she never forgets her love for the music. Beside her work, she nontheless continues to be fed with music taking jazz classes, and integrating different musical groups ( classical, gospel...) .

Caught up by her passion, and thanks to fruitful contacts, she gets out in the open.

She dreams of a world as universal as the Music.

Surrounded by her musicians, she is delighted today to share her pleasure in singing.

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